Stage Door Live: Episode 19 – 26 August 2020 #DublinFringePreview

We set our focus on the Dublin Fringe Festival which reinvented itself in 2020. Featuring: Ruth McGowan, Luke Casserly, Shanna May Breen, Dr. Miriam Haughton, Emma O’Grady, Oisin Robbins and Martha Breen.

We preview Dublin Fringe Festival in Stage Door Live Episode 19.

In this episode we talk to Ruth McGowan, Festival Director of the Dublin Fringe Festival about the new restrictions put in place by the Irish Government, as well as reinventing the festival in Covid-times. We also talk to Luke Casserly and Shanna May Breen, the artistic duet behind 1000 Miniature Meadows. Finally, we speak to Dr. Miriam Haughton and Emma O’Grady about their project ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous: A Celebration of ‘Difficult’ Women. Oisin Robbins discusses his project as an Artist @ Work with Dublin Fringe Festival, and Martha Breen delivers the Final Poetic Thought.

Mad Bad and Dangerous:

Beluga Theatre Company:

1000 MIniature Meadows:

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