Keep The Conversations Going was formed in March 2020 following the initial Covid-19 lockdown to keep the theatre sector updated on the ever-changing circumstances and to keep the sector connected throughout what has turned out to be a devastating time.

The amount of support we receive from the sector each week has been amazing and we are so thankful for the support of Dublin City Council who provided us with a grant to support the building of a studio at Axis Ballymun, and to Axis Ballymun for the opportunity to be in residence for the last six months.

Those of you who have been watching since Episode 1 of Stage Door Live on the 15th of April 2020 know that we have certainly had our growing pains. Much like live theatre, we never know what is going to happen after we push the ‘go’ button and the proverbial curtain opens, but we’ve rolled with the punches and consistently tried to build our skills to bring world class news, information and discussion for the Irish Theatre sector.

But it’s not just about our own programming; We have also helped other organisations produce their conferences and symposiums, including Dublin Arts & Human Rights Festival, Dance Ireland, The Lir Academy, Noise Moves Festival, Landspeak Conference, and others. does not cover its costs, we are a passionate group of theatre makers who have come together to champion theatre in Ireland. We create content and provide resources for theatre makers and lovers of live performance because we believe that the important conversations that are had on our programming are necessary and not fulfilled by mainstream media. As we have grown, as our programming has grown, from a frankenstein of equipment in a Drumcondra apartment and a completely virtual operation to professional broadcast from a real studio, our costs of doing business have grown as well to over €2,000 per month. With our residency soon ending at Axis Ballymun, we will soon have to start paying rent and additional overhead to maintain a studio. The majority of the costs have been paid from each of our ‘theatre maker’ pockets, and that’s just not sustainable in the long term.

So we’re asking for your help to save and help us keep the conversations going.


We understand that it is tough for everyone in the sector right now, but we’re asking for your help to Keep The Conversations Going.

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