Stage Door Live, Episode 13 – 8 July 2020 #DesigningTheNewStage

Theatre in Ireland is highly influenced by that of its international counterparts, In this episode of Stage Door Live we focus on Designing The New Stage pre- and post- Covid-19. Featuring: Lian Bell, Katie Davenport, Brian Singleton, Mick Hurley, Ionia Ni Chroinin, Denis Clohessy, and Neill Fleming.

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In Episode 13 of Stage Door Live, we discuss Designing The New Stage.

Designer and Artist Lian Bell joins Set and Costume Designer Katie Davenport to discuss international influence and collaboration in their work. Lian discusses Pan Pan’s 7th International Mentorship Programme, and Katie discusses the Prague Quadrennial. Kelly O’Doherty interviews Professor Brian Singleton, a theatre scholar and educator at Trinity College Dublin. Brian helps us place Irish design in a broader international context and tradition. Lighting Designer Mick Hurley joins us to discuss his work on Corcadorca’s socially-distanced show, Contact. Also on the show: Ionia Ni Chroinin from Moonfish Theatre, Sound Designer and Composer Denis Clohessy, and Actor Neill Fleming.

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Lian Bell:
Pan Pan 7th International Mentorship with Kelly Copper: https://bit.ly/3iKMWMH
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MOONFISH: https://moonfishtheatre.com/

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