Hello again, readers, and welcome back to my weekly break from watching ridiculous vampire-and-werewolf TV. I’m halfway through Season Two of The Originals. What is it about supernatural melodramas that are just so addictive? I’d hazard a guess and say that it might have something to do with escapism. Because, y’know…..2020 really needs escaping from. Anyway — let’s get into the news, shall we? Princess Diana musical to premiere on Netflix before Broadway debut This is exciting! (Especially considering that Disney recently announced that they’re planning to premiere the live adaptation of Mulan on Disney+ for the low low price of $29.99).…

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Stage Door Live, Episode 18 – 12 August 2020 #TrainingIrishActors


Episode 18 of Stage Door Live is all about Training Irish Actors.

First, we talk to casting director Amy Rowan and Dr Bernadette Cronin from the Department of Drama & Theatre Studies at UCC. Then Director Jane Moriarty joins us to discuss directing and teaching at drama schools and universities. Finally, we speak with actors Karen McCartney, Grace Collender, and Ella Lily Hyland who will speak of their training experiences and careers to date. Also, Dr. Charlotte McIver, and Terese Rooney and the students from the Phoenix Academy of Performing Arts, and Frank Blake will deliver his Final Poetic Thought.

Stage Door Live, Episode 17 – 5 August 2020 #FundingYourArt


Episode 17 of Stage Door Live, is all about Funding Your Art.

Arts Consultant John O’Brien and Andrew Hetherington, from Business To Arts, discuss governmental policy and the changes that need to be made to sustain the arts in Ireland. Theatre Producer Maura O’Keeffe joins us to discuss ways to fund projects and what theatre producers are looking for when selecting projects. to work on. Theatre Director Annie Ryan discusses a life of making art and tips she used to fund her projects. Arts Council Ireland Next Generation Award Recipient Aisling O’Mara discusses her path to application success, and Jane Daly from the Irish Theatre Institute discusses ITI’s services for arts and keys to funding success. Gillian Buckle delivers tonight’s Final Poetic Thought.

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